"Hawk Dancer" and "Cloudburst"
and the
Birch Clump Village Reader Series

Author: Joshua Seidl, SSP
Edited by Charles M. Browne, the North Country Needler
Illustrated by renown artist: Kathy Johnson

There are those times of difficulty when I have to pause and ask, "What would Bubba do?"
         - - Sgt. T. Douglas, BCV Chronologist

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The difference between fiction & reality: Fiction has to make sense. Tom Clancy

August 21: I'm still on vacation. I picked up some hand crafted items from actual places found in my novels and in the BCVR reader series. These will be given away free to some lucky recipients on the Birch Clump Village E-Newsletter. Sign up now if you are not already a subscriber. Next E-News comes out in early September with details on the prizes and how to win.

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Amos Crow, age 18 in 1969. This was not one of his better days. He was robbed at gun point, tied up and left in the forest in a three part mystery found in my Birch Clump Village reader series.

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   Book #1, "Hawk Dancer"
Engage in North Country ventures from folk storyteller, Joshua Seidl, (known to masterfully weave fact and fantasy.) These are works of hysterical historical and contemporary fiction.

Metis, Euro-American and Native American interaction in a contemporary historical setting, 1917-2010 in pristine northern Great Lakes woodland communities. Carried in a whimsical, witty, dramatic, sentimental manner.

"Stories, well driven, and so realistic. Down to earth great reading." --Sgt. T. Douglas, chronologist

The Birch Clump Village Reader Series
     Collections of short stories, art and some poetry in a five book series by Joshua Seidl.

Five volumes in all, including #4 at the top of the next column. Note that the Christmas edition has no number assigned.

Coming this Fall:the 5th
Birch Clump Village Reader

    More exciting ventures from our favorite village. Bubba Junior is introduced as he interviews Sgt. T. Douglas. Two short stories evolve from that, Show Me: I'm From Missouri, and Confessions of a Chicken.
    A practical joke back fires on Dean.
    It turns out that the reputable lawyer, Earl Vanwesterdyke left a few secrets back in Holland when he hopes a boat and ended up in the good ol' USA in 1916.
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    More on BCVR#5 on the countdown clock page.

Released April 2014

Ten Things: Birch Clump Village Reader 4

Still to come in 2014 - BCVR#5: Confessions of a Chicken

     Pictured left is Sarge when he was 16, years before he was known as Sarge. He went by the name Douglas during most of his youth. His fist name would have provoked a lot of teasing, so the initial "T" sufficed.
     He was gentle, leaned to the quiet side, though not particularly shy; in fact, rather friendly and outgoing. The upcoming book, What Would Bubba Do: BCVR 5, shares some of his history. He avoided fighting, though of course enjoyed watching one. In the short story, Confession of a Chicken, we learn a bit of how he handles himself when pushed about by the class bully.
     At one point, Billy-Bob is not about to let T. Douglas back off or talk his way out. The crown gathers when push leads to shove, anxious to see how this plays out. Douglas shakes. The adrenaline is pumping. Will "T" be able to worm out of this situation?
     As the author who created these characters, I know he hardly stands a chance standing up to Billy. Though an earlier confrontation that day was averted, this face off will be far more difficult for Douglas the shrink from. Beads of sweat tickle his ribs; his knees quiver . . .

     As to his attire: His peers made fun of his vest and cowboy hat, but admired his ability to wear ultra skin-tight jeans, (which were popular in that era). The jeans, purchased the previous year, actually squeaked until wear and a few washings softened them.

     There is more on Bubba, Sarge and on other characters from the novels in the next Birch Clump Village Reader #5